Transform your school into a truly Digital School with

One School System 'OneSSys'

A school management and information platform with many desired features, tools and capabilities which enable schools to manage and monitor all kind operations, learning and other activities.

OneSSys pledges to help institutes and academicians
in their fight against COVID-19

Learning shall not stop.Continue providing learning to the leaders of tomorrow in this COVID-19 lock-down phase. 

Organize Video Classes using OneSSys to ensure that students are not missing their schools, teachers and classmates along with lessons.

That’s not all. Our e-Learning module takes care of the courses and contents. Easy to create and easy to access with guarantee of Security & Privacy.

Imagine running your school just like a corporate

A software platform with cutting edge technology that enables schools to manage operations, learning and administrations tasks digitally

Harness the power of technology in managing your school. 

Now, you can view every minute details of your schools anywhere anytime

Know everything happening at School

OneSSys web app and mobile app dashboards provide the real-time details of activities that are happening at school. 

With OneSSys, school admins, teachers, parents, and students access automated and real-time details/notifications.

Turn your school’s data in to Insights

OneSSys web app and mobile app dashboards enable our clients to see new insights that were unseen before.

Using these insights, operations or processes can be accessed and appropriate changes can be implemented

Adopt the technological change to scale up

In the current scenario, schools can not avoid technology. Technology enables schools to manage and track efficiently.

So, adopt the best innovative and technologically superior school management and information platform

What OneSSys offers you?

School Operations

OneSSys comes with a set of features that enable schools to manage the daily operational tasks without any overhead.

Your school operates in the most efficient way.

School admins can configure all kind of schedules like school operating times, time tables, exam scheduling, event scheduling etc. Once schedules are done, admin can assign different tasks to different users and then manage and monitor all schedules throughout the year easily on the OneSSys

School admins can configure the attendance and leaves settings in OneSSys and the same configuration derive attendance and leaves modules in mobile app which is used to take attendance and raise/approve leave requests. 

OneSSys’s end to end fee management module is capable of handling fee reminders, online fee submission, fee records reconciliation and fee invoicing and reporting. Setup all configurations once in a year and rest is done by OneSSys

OneSSys has a GPS device based module through which live location and route of school vehicles are tracked. Its a very important feature for students safety point of view.

School admin have a complete view of all students and teachers in OneSSys, so that activities/progress of every student/teacher can be tracked easily.

OneSSys provides school admin a capability to configure and define curriculum content of each class and subject in detail. So, school admin can track and monitor course completion rather than depending upon the teachers.

School Communications

At OneSSys, we study all types communications i.e. exchange of information required in a school and convert them into features so that these communications can be initiated, managed, and tracked without losing any information.

School admins can send all kind of circulars including info-graphics, banners, text, audio and video formats selectively to the users from OneSSys web app which is received on the OneSSys mobile app of the corresponding users

OneSSys mobile app users can chat with other users real time via OneSSys mobile app chat functionality like WhatsApp. Most importantly, school admins can control these communications from configurations via Web app. 

Teachers can create class and home assignments plus instructions from mobile app and parents receive these assignments on their mobile app real time. These assignments can be tracked on timeline and completion status

Parents and Teachers can raise a query/issue with school from mobile app and the same is received on web app of school admin. these queries can be tracked and managed status wise.

OneSSys mobile app provides daily schedule of teachers and classes to teachers and parents. Important instructions can also be communicated with help of this module.

All mobile users can be notified about the events, holidays, leaves etc. on their mobile app

Real time and periodic progress of students/teachers can be shared with parents/ teachers respectively.

OneSSys online video conferencing feature provides this capability where parents and teachers can interact

Learning in Schools

While designing OneSSys, the most important area that we considered is the School Learning. 

OneSSys comes with a range of features which aims to streamline the learning processes, monitoring and tracking in an unprecedented way.

With OneSSys, school admins and teachers can define the entire course of each subject (for all classes) and then map it to defined timelines. With such mapping in place, school admins, teachers and parents will always be able to track and manage the course completion (the estimated time vs actual time of completion)

OneSSys web and mobile app provides an E-learning module in which all the videos, audio etc. will be available to students as per their class and ongoing subjects.  School admins can assign the courses to each classes and track the completion of courses.

OneSSys can also provide eLearning content from third party vendors.

Yes!! OneSSys comes with a video conference solution which is safe and efficient. Schools can utilize this to organize the online classes and webinars. 

Some of our clients are using this features to record the classes and parent-teachers meeting

Exam module consists of advance solution for exam scheduling. Further, we are developing a tool to organize the online exams using which schools will be able to organize the exams online

School admin configures the way they want to have results generated for each student. 

So configure once an year and then OneSSys will keep generating the result and notify the school admin, teachers and parents automatically. This is entirely a new kind of experience. Final or Interim Mark Sheet, Degrees can also be generated through this features

Why clients admire OneSSys?

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

World’s Best Server
No downtime
Work from anywhere, anytime

Best User Interface

Best User Interface

Best Intuitive Interface
Easiest school management
system to use

One Point Solution

One Point Solution

A single software for everything 
Stop spending money on multiple software
for different operations

Highly Configurable

Highly Configurable 

OneSSys is flexible and can be configured as per requirements of the schools; makes it globally implementable

Industry Best Features

Industry Best Features

Features catering to the 
latest trends and requirements
of K12 Education Industry

Real Time Communication

Real Time Communication

No missing communications 
Every communication among educators and parents happens real time

Promotes Best Practices

Promotes Best Practices

Promotes what is best
i.e. Technology Oriented Culture
and Digital learning practices

Process Oriented

Process Oriented

Increases Accountability
Process oriented system confirms
everybody is playing his part honestly

Saving Earth

Saving Earth

When schools operate with OneSSys, they automatically saves paper and therefore save the Mother Earth

24X7 Free Support

OneSSys functional and technical teams are all time ready to provide you the support and maintenance you required

And, we don’t charge extra for the support as we believe that its our duty and obligation towards our customers

Frequently asked questions

Every feature in OneSSys is designed in such a configurable way that every school can use that feature as per its requirement. Further, if something is changed in school, they can change the configurations and keep using the same feature. 

That’s why OneSSys is one of best school management and information systems with unparalleled technological and functional superiority.

Yes!! we keep talking to our clients to know if they need any enhancement, and if they suggest anything which creates an additional value to the product, we build that functionality.

Also, once you subscribe to OneSSys with a plan of your choice, all enhancements and updates in the features to which you have subscribed will be available to you without any additional cost.  

Yes, we are continuously building new capabilities as per our product planning schedule. However, if our clients suggest a value added capability then we are happy to have that in our planning schedule. 

For now OneSSys offers all the features as a part of common product and plan. Soon, we will be coming up with the option of choose the features you need and pay only for those. A customized pricing plans as per the features will soon be available.

For now as our introductory pricing, we are offering all our features at Rs. 2/- per student per month (for a minimum of 500 students).

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